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 in Northern Utah

2021:Editorial: Caroline Coogan Photography: James Phillips

In the late 1800's Utah’s landscape was dominated by ranches. Cowboys could be found from the mountain ranges in the north to the canyons in the south and just about everywhere in between.  They became an icon of the "old West" and were are also known as horse wranglers, cowpunchers, cowhands, ranch hands and buckaroos, but the name "cowboy" was inspired from the original nickname, "cowpoke.

Butch Cassidy is the best known of Utah's cowboy outlaws, rivaling the fame of even Jesse James and Billy the Kid. Cassidy's gang, the Wild Bunch, were among the most successful of all western outlaws and many a movie has been made about these bandits and their antics.

Today Northern Utah still has its hard working ranchers but alongside this a new breed of cowboy is appearing.

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 12.33.47
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Get out there and Do it!

Outdoors - with your dog


Spring is almost here and what better to do than hit the trails? You know what you need to put in your backpack for you but what about your 4 legged friend?

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 12.56.09
Outdoors - on Two Wheels
Find me a Mountain
Choosing the right bike for outdoors is as important as choosing your furniture! It must serve the right purpose - roads, mountains, snow, trails, fitness, touring, adventure road bikes - there are many types to choose from! So how do you do that?

Food and Fun

Taste it, Try it and Do it!

Food - Cook like a Chef

Want to cook like a Michelin Chef or just starting out and need the basics?Finding time to attend a class to learn to cook at traditional cookery courses can often be difficult with hectic work or family schedules. COVID-19 has also changed our habits and forced a rise in online class offerings. We look at a few local ones, some more ambitious ones and test a few recipes for you!

Cooking Tools
Fun - Learn a New Skill - Scuba
Image by Nott Peera
Scuba isnt just for the beach, you can learn right here in Northern Utah. We look at the where, how and what you need to learn this new skill and open yourself up to exploring a whole new world under the water!

Arts & Style

Get out there, See it or Wear it!

Style - Dress like a Cowboy


Old Skills produce New Fashion Trends

The visit of the popular rapper Post Malone to the generations owned Burns Hat Store in Park City has spurred an interest far and wide in this custom shops headwear. We took a visit to find out about the history of this family run business and try on a few hats ourselves.

Man with Cowboy Hat
Style - Fashion for Spring
Lest it Rains
Playfair Display is a sophisticated font with tall, imposing letters. It's ideal for titles, headlines and short blocks of copy - like a product description.

Things to Do

Outdoors - Calendar

Coming up for April

Cowboy at the Rodeo
Spotlight on a Non Profit - Labs for Liberty, Morgan, Utah
Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 12.33.58
Labs for Liberty

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