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Trail and Mountain Biking

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Image by Georgia Vagim

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Hiking with your Dog

Theres nothing better than taking your dog outdoors on an adventure with you and Northern Utah has some awesome spots for you both to exlore and hike! But theres some key things you will need to consider before you go:


Health and Fitness

You wouldnt embark on 10 miles through the desert without being well prepared, taking your dog will need preparation and planning as he is just as susceptable to the same dangers as you are. Before you set out, especially on a longer hike make sure your pup is up to date with all his vaccinations and has a the stamina and fitness needed for the hike. So be extra vigilant of the following:

Wildlife and Insects

In areas where larger wild animals could be present its better to leash your dog, especially in spring where mamas tend to be more protective of any visitors in the area of thier babies. Its essential when off leash to have your dog well trained in the "come" command to keep him within sight should a situation arise. We had an episode where a bull moose came towards us and we were  between him and his herd, this was on a narrow trail but we were able to climb off the trail keeping our dogs close to our sides as he  ran past. Always be vigilant!

Insects can be as bothersome to your dog as yourself. Large biting flies, mosquitos and ticks are common problems so chat with your vet about the best products for prevention to deter these pesky insects.

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Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

Whether winter or summer, water is essential for you and your dog, so unless you know you will be near a water source its important to carry plenty of fresh water for you both. Its hard not to waste water if you are hoping your dog can drink like you,from a water bottle so a collapsable bowl is essential. There are many options available online. Also remember if you come to a natural watersourse and you wouldnt drink from it - dont let your dog either! He can become as sick as you if the source is not clean. You should always carry  a filter or purifier and there are many options available that are lightweight and easy to use. A 50lb dog can drink up to 50oz or more of water on a hot doy so be prepraed. 

Food or snacks

Your dogs energy can deplete as fast as yours. So if you are hungry chances are i ready for something as well. Make sure you carry snacks or food for when you stop for a break or overnight.


Footwear for your dog

Rocky, hot sand or snow, remember your dogs paws can be as sensitive as the sole of your feet. Booties can help but you should take time to get your dog used to them during shorter walks or in your home before you embark on a long hike! They are easily lost so carry spares. also useful to carry is ducktape and a pair of your old socks should booties not be available if your dog cuts his foot.


Our dogs LOVE to wear thier backpacks but its essential to get ones that fit properly (just like your own, you dont want it to rub thier skin or hurt them). Backpacks are a great way to spread the ,load and you can put essentials like your contact info, vaccination papers and they usually can carry about 20% of thier body weight (older or dogs with health issues may carry less) so put in some food for them, poop bags, emergency items and spread the load on both sides of thier pack for comfort.

Safety light:

We like to attach a small beacon light to our dogs collars which we can turn on at dusk or in poor weather.  Helps us to spot them quicker in dense undergrowth or if you are staying overnight to help spot them in poorer light conditions.

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